SCA Training

Training provides SCA Leaders & Members with tools and resources that are necessary for a successful experience. SCA Training brings people together from different program types and regions of the country to kick-start the season. This is the beginning of a learning process that continues at each of the project sites with localized training, continued interactions with team members, agency partners, and SCA staff.

Training is fast-paced, intense, and will require everyone to be engaged for the duration. Therefore, you should arrive well-rested and eager to learn. Remember, all hires are conditional upon successful completion of SCA Training.

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Expected Training Outcomes

  • Learn about the mission of the Student Conservation Association
  • Become familiar with the tools, technology, and protocols required for your position
  • Build confidence in your leadership abilities through practice and learning
  • Understand the goals and objectives of your position
  • Learn to maintain individual and team safety
  • Feel inspired, supported, and connected


Preparing for SCA Training

SCA Leaders will be sent a Welcome Letter by their hiring managers. The Welcome Letter will provide all the information you’ll need to get ready for training including a packing list, schedule, etc. If you are scheduled to attend a SCA Leader Training and have not already received this letter, please check in with your hiring manager.


Pre-Requisite Online Trainings

SCA hires are required to complete the following online training within 14 days of accepting your position or prior to attending SCA Training, whichever comes first. Save all completion certificates for your own records.

1. Driver Online Training

  • Required for leaders or members who will be driving SCA vehicles; valid for two years.
  • Complete all nine the Driver Training Segments
    • Go to
    • Click on the New Student button.
    • Click on click here for new student registration
    • Type in the Access Code: SCAMOD and click Submit.
    • You will be presented with a Registration page. Type in your information, including a Login ID and a Password of your choice, and click Submit.
    • Please note, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the Login ID you created and you may use this for access as a Returning Student if you need to retake the course at a later date.
    • On the My Courses page, click on the course title to begin your training, this training is broken up into 9 segments and will take at least 4 hours to complete.

2. Mosaic: Prevent Discrimination & Harassment

  • Required for all leaders and members.
  • Valid for one year.
  • Complete the course & save your completion certificate
  • Mosaic “CA” course is specifically for those working California all others should take the standard Mosaic training.
  • This course has a minimum time requirement, please do not rush or skip segments!

3. LearnUpon Training

  • Leaders may also be invited to join LearnUpon, SCA’s Learning Management System.
  • There are 10 courses in LearnUpon that these Leaders will be asked to complete before arriving at in-person training. These courses will serve as the foundation of your leader training and must be completed before arriving at in-person training. There you’ll continue to build on the concepts, policies, and practices discussed in the courses. The 10 courses are:
    1. Welcome
    2. Introduction to Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
    3. Introduction to Field Risk Management
    4. Introduction to Field Incidents and Emergency Response
    5. Allergy & Anaphylaxis
    6. Responding to Sensitive Issues
    7. Emotional First Aid
    8. Representing SCA
    9. Program Administration
    10. Learning Experience in the Field

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